Microservice security with Vault

Oct 15, 2018

Learn how HashiCorp Vault works, and why it's a key component of your security posture in a microservices environment.

We've all been there. You're not paying attention and you leak API keys or other secrets to GitHub by accident. Sandeep Dinesh, a GCP developer advocate, has been there too. In his talk at the NDC Oslo conference, Dinesh explores why we need secrets managers like Vault now more than ever.

The dynamic infrastructure and architecture associated with microservices brings up a new set of security challenges, and this talk covers those challenges as well as how Vault can address them.

What you'll learn in this talk:

  • A review of why traditional, static infrastructure with a "castle and moat" approach was much simpler
  • An overview of how security needs to work in dynamic infrastructures (i.e. cloud, microservices).
  • A primer on Vault’s architecture and its secrets-as-a-service functionality
  • How to store static secrets (e.g. WiFi credentials).
  • A definition of dynamic secrets and usage examples (e.g. database passwords or cloud keys)
  • How Vault's encryption-as-a-service works.
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