Nomad: The Next Stage in Evolution

The technical roadmap session lays out the driving vision for HashiCorp Nomad's next stage of evolution and reveals upcoming features to meet that vision.

Nomad has always been the simple, flexible choice for orchestration, not the everything-in-a-box platform option. But in it's next phase of development, HashiCorp Nomad is going to be getting simplified versions of many everything-platform features that have been previously only available through integration with other tools.

»The Next Stage of Nomad

With the latest release of Nomad 1.3, Nomad has already started the process of being a more all-inclusive, easy on-ramp, out-of-the-box platform experience. It has added:

  • Simple native service discovery

  • Edge client support

  • Simple native load balancing

  • A Nomad Traefik provider for ingress

»Nomad 1.4

The next release of Nomad, coming later this year, is going to include more native all-inclusive functionality:

  • Secure variables via simple native secrets management

  • SSO & OIDC support

  • Native service health checks

  • A UI for native service discovery

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