Performing validations with Terraform using Terraform test framework

See how you can make use of Terraform Test framework to apply unit & integration tests on their Terraform IaC estate.

Many developers are used to writing applications that they deploy to an environment on their desktop, either directly to their operating system or within a container-based environment. When working in these types of environments, developers may write tests against code hosted entirely on their desktop. When customers build IaC, architecture components may not be deployable to a desktop environment but instead will exist only in the context of the cloud. Cloud-based architecture components may include persistence layers, messaging systems, API’s and more.

When writing application code that relies on these components, developers may become confused about the best way to design and execute tests. While customers are familiar with automated testing paradigms, they are confused about how to design tests that execute against AWS services which form key aspects of their estate.

These customers seek best practices, guidance and support from trusted resources for developing testing strategies. Our aim is to help customers build opinions around testing that will give them the most value In this session, we will demonstrate how customers can make use of Terraform Test framework to apply unit & integration tests on their Terrraform IaC estate.

We will show techniques which you can apply to your terraform execution pipeline and make the deployments hardened and gives you the desired outcome as per your design and at the same time helps cuts out critical errors in that process.

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