Preview the New Vault Learning Platform

Nov 08, 2018

Explore the features and structure of the new HashiCorp Learn platform in this video tour of the Vault track.


  • Geoffrey Grosenbach

    Geoffrey Grosenbach

    Director of Training, HashiCorp

HashiCorp built its new Learn platform with the goal of creating more structured, sequential learning paths with a clean and clear interface. We wanted the resources on HashiCorp Learn to be relevant to beginners as well as experienced users. Another goal was to have different tracks for different roles: specifically developers, operations, and security specialists.

In this webinar, Geoffrey Grosenbach, the director of training programs at HashiCorp, guides you through the features and content in the Vault learning track. He also shares a roadmap for new features, community contributions, and upcoming content for the Consul, Terraform, and Nomad tracks.

» What you'll learn

  • Introduction to HashiCorp Learn and its goals
  • How to find the right track for your role (Dev, Ops, Sec)
  • How to find advanced tracks on dynamic secrets and encryption as a service

» Outline

00:00 — Introduction, project goals, UI tour, and roadmap

19:45 — Q&A

» Q&A

Download the Q&A here.

» Slides

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