Recorded Webinar

Starting and growing your career in technology with HashiCorp

Join HashiCorp in this live panel discussion on starting and growing your career in technology.

Learn 5 actionable lessons on this topic from Fallon Petty (Recruiting), Brandon Hays (Management), Jasmine White (Community), Jai Bhagat (Engineering), Val Conklin (Engineering), and J. Cole Morrison (Developer Advocacy). Additionally, audience members will have the opportunity to ask questions, give feedback, and receive vouchers for official HashiCorp Certifications.

0:07:03 - Lesson #1 - Always Be Curious and Know What You Want (Fallon Petty)

0:19:42 - Lesson #2 - Be Open to All Possibilities (Jasmine White)

0:33:43 - Lesson #3 - Be Open to Paths You Didn't Expect (Val Conklin)

0:44:50 - Lesson #4 - Find Your People (Brandon Hays)

1:01:09 - Lesson #5 - Make Your Work Public (J. Cole Morrison)

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