Recorded Webinar

Terraform 0.12 Deep Dive: HCL Enhancements for Infrastructure as Code, Remote Plan & Apply

Learn more about Terraform 0.12, HCL enhancements, and get a demo of the Remote Plan & Apply feature in this webinar.


  • Kristin Laemmert
    Kristin LaemmertSoftware Engineer, HashiCorp
  • Arslan Saeed
    Arslan SaeedSenior Solutions Engineer, HashiCorp

At HashiConf 2018, we announced the exciting new updates to Terraform 0.12.

With over a dozen new improvements in Terraform 0.12, we’d like to focus on 2 key updates and their use cases: What are the new HCL enhancements and what is Remote Plan & Apply?

HashiCorp software engineer Kristin Laemmert and solutions engineer Arslan Saeed will dive deeper than previous videos into Terraform HCL use cases, and also into a real world demo of Remote Plan & Apply.

What you'll learn

  • Why HCL works well for infrastructure as code
  • HCL enhancements overview
  • Remote Plan & Apply use cases
  • Addressing organizational challenges scaling from Terraform open source to Enterprise
  • Demo of Remote Plan & Apply

HCL Enhancements

HCL enhancements provide a more robust, feature-rich language to simplify the process of writing, analyzing, and processing Terraform configurations.

Remote Plan & Apply

Remote Plan & Apply allows the Terraform command to be back-ended and executed by Terraform Enterprise remotely, while still being run in a CI environment or on a developer’s laptop. This keeps secrets secure while preserving your core workflow and abiding by policies or restrictions with infrastructure access.


0:00 — Introduction to Terraform

9:38 — HCL Enhancements for Terraform 0.12

25:00 — Introduction to Terraform Enterprise

30:00 — Demo: Remote Plan & Apply

46:00 — Q&A


  • Will Terraform 0.12 be backwards compatible with 0.11?
  • When will Terraform 0.12 be available?
  • Is there a schedule for when Kubernetes ReplicaSets will be supported?
  • Will 0.12 cover cloud nat and cloud router in GCP?

Here's an early upgrade guide for Terraform 0.12.


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