Recorded Webinar

Terraform & ServiceNow: What The New Integration Means For Your DevOps Workflows

Watch this demo to learn how to set up the Terraform Enterprise & ServiceNow integration from scratch as well as order infrastructure and enforce policies in the combined workflow.


  • Lauren Rother
    Lauren RotherProduct Manager, HashiCorp

During this year's HashiConf EU, we announced HashiCorp Terraform Enterprise integration for ServiceNow Service Catalog. This was a big addition for HashiCorp because one of our principles is to meet organizations where they are in their IT operations evolution. Many organizations can't yet migrate their IT infrastructure management over to the popular infrastructure as code approach. That's why Terraform Enterprise developers wanted to make a special, more native integration between their provisioning system and ServiceNow, a platform that has helped modernize and accelerate ticket-based (often ITIL) approaches to infrastructure provisioning.

The integration with ServiceNow allows end-users to request infrastructure from the ServiceNow Service Catalog via a Terraform Enterprise workflow, which provides an automated way to service those requests.

Terraform has typically been adopted by technical developers, engineers, and operators who write infrastructure as code in their workflows. While there is a level of abstraction with modules and the configuration designer to enable sharing and simple code reuse, we recognize there is a set of users who provision resources without needing to know how they are provisioned.

In this webinar, Lauren Rother, a product manager for Terraform providers and integrations, will demonstrate how the integration works and how it will reduce the time spent on multi-cloud management.

What you'll learn

  • Terraform Enterprise + ServiceNow Service Catalog integration setup
  • Ordering infrastructure
  • Provisioning and policy enforcement with Sentinel
  • Request completion


0:00 — Introduction to the Terraform Enterprise + ServiceNow integration

3:36 — Demo: Install and configure the integration

13:10 — Demo: How to order infrastructure with Terraform Enterprise in ServiceNow

17:21 — Upcoming features

19:20 — Q&A


  • Where do we get the integration files that you import from source control?
  • Is there a way to estimate/show costs? And will the TFE Cost Estimation functionality be supported in this integration?
  • Will ServiceNow show if a Sentinel Policy check fails?
  • Can you set a more meaningful workspace than the ServiceNow request ID?
  • When you run against the same VCS repository multiple times, it creates a separate workspace for each run which is great, but how do you manage changes for each individual workspace?
  • Any plans to add the ability to add servers/etc created by this process to something like CMDB from ServiceNow?
  • How would you present options to the user such as provisioning in US-East-1 vs. US-West-1?
  • Is possible to make Terraform read a main.json instead of
  • How are the state files are handled between ServiceNow and Terraform? Can I inject a state file to exisiting ticket?
  • Can you set this up to use multiple cloud service accounts if you have a ServiceNow work request for different environments (which should have separate creds)?
  • Are you looking at adding the ServiceNow MID server for connectivity to Private Terraform Enterprise (which runs in a private datacenter), instead of having to make your Terraform Enterprise internet accessible for ServiceNow?

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