TGI Vault: Securing Kafka with Vault PKI

HUG community member, Mateus Pimenta gives a talk explaining how to secure Apache Kafka cluster with Vault PKI.

Following the now popular TGI Kubernetes style webinars, this hands-on talk will be diving into the practical application of using the Vault PKI functionality to secure an Apache Kafka Cluster.

The talk will start with a brief description of our requirements, including how Vault and Kafka need to be configured to meet those requirements. After the introduction, the talk goes into a hands-on mode, constructing a working solution step-by-step.

By the end of the talk, people should have a good knowledge of Vault PKI capabilities and some new ideas on how to use it to secure not only Kafka, but other similar services as well.

This talk was part of the first HashiTalks online event—A 24-hour continuous series of presentations from the worldwide HashiCorp User Group (HUG) community and from HashiCorp engineers as well. The event took place from February 21-22, 2019.

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