Vault 1.3: Active Directory, Entropy Augmentation, and KMIP

Nov 27, 2019

See demos for three of the new Vault 1.3: Active Directory check in/out, Entropy Augmentation, and KMIP enhancements.


  • Becca Petrin

    Becca Petrin

    Software Engineer, Vault, HashiCorp
  • Alex Wybo

    Alex Wybo

    Software Engineer, Vault, HashiCorp
  • Nick Cabatoff

    Nick Cabatoff

    Software Developer, Vault Core, HashiCorp

We recently announced the public availability of HashiCorp Vault 1.3. Vault 1.3 included the following features:

  • Active Directory Check In/Check Out: Allow Vault to manage check in/check out rotation for Active Directory credentials.
  • Entropy Augmentation (Vault Enterprise only): Allow Vault Enterprise to sample entropy from external cryptographic modules.
  • Improved KMIP Support: Supports KMIP operations for registering externally-derived keys.
  • Vault Debug: A new CLI command to gather health metrics of Vault nodes.
  • Kubernetes Sidecar: Inject application pods with Vault tokens via a mutating webhook service.
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Support: New auth methods, storage backends, and auto-unseal interfaces for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

In this webinar, Vault Engineers will introduce and demo the first three features on this list: Active Directory check in/out, Entropy Augmentation, and KMIP enhancements.

» Outline

0:00 — Intro to Vault 1.3

2:17 — Intro to Active Directory Check in/out

5:42 — Demo: Active Directory Check in/out

11:53 — Intro to Entropy Augmentation

14:40 — Demo: Entropy Augmentation

19:16 — Intro to KMIP Secrets Engine

24:32 — Demo: MongoDB Enterprise with Vault KMIP

29:43 — Q&A

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