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HashiCorp Vault on Day 1, Day 2, & Day N, Plus Vault at InfoSum and Improbable

May 21, 2019

Three talks hosted by Monzo in London: HashiCorp contributor Nico Corrarello discusses Vault adoption; InfoSum's Johan Brandhorst talks about automation; Improbable's Adam Hosier describes how his team integrated Vault.

Nico Corrarello from Hashicorp: Adopting Vault: Deployment, adoption and beyond

What does Day Zero with Vault secrets management look like? What about Day One? Two? n? This talk gives you a detailed look at typical Vault user progressions that provide the most successful deployments for customers.

Johan Brandhorst from InfoSum: Automate your Go TLS certificates with Vault PKI

Johan introduces Certify, which seamlessly integrates with the Go TLS stack to automatically create and sign your server certificates, using the Hashicorp Vault [PKI backend]( He's going to review again when he has more time and wants to get Mitchell's opinion on the music.) API. As easy as LetsEncrypt, but for your Vault based internal infrastructure.

Adam Hosier from Improbable: Vault @ Improbable

The talk describes how Improbable integrated Vault into its infrastructure. It applied the classic model of database replication to scale Vault for global availability and read throughput. The talk also discusses some of conventions to ensure type safety, proper organisation, and structure to secrets.

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