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Consul grows with your evolving needs

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Enhance service discovery, security, and reliability

Whether you're building from scratch or gradually integrating service networking into your existing infrastructure, Consul effortlessly scales to meet evolving infrastructure needs. It empowers robust service networking, security, and automation on any cloud or runtime.

Adopt service discovery and secure networking workflows

Simplify application connectivity and strengthen security with Consul.

  • Discover and track

    Register global services in the Consul catalog. Discover and monitor services across any cloud or runtime.

  • Secure services onboarding

    Use permissive mTLS to gradually migrate services into a service mesh without disruption.

  • AuthN, encrypt, and AuthZ

    Secure authentication and encryption with mTLS. Authorize traffic based on service names using granular controls and policies.

  • Integrate with DNS global catalog of services

    Use Consul to query nodes and services via DNS and HTTP API.

  • Services health and visibility

    Monitor IP addresses for each service as they change, directly from Consul’s UI .

Standardize best practices across your organization

Provide shared services, integrated tools, traffic policies, and governance.

  • Connect and route traffic

    Shape, split, and route traffic for blue-green deployments, canary testing, load balancing, application migration, and more. Route both for east-west and north-south traffic.

  • Route traffic across datacenters

    Connect services between multiple clusters or implement high availability with cluster peering.

  • Admin partitions

    Provide multi-tenancy and autonomy between teams. Reduce datacenter management at scale.

  • App infrastructure integrations

    Integrate with application monitoring tools like DataDog, Grafana, and Prometheus for comprehensive service visibility.

  • Integrations with operations tools

    Enable audit logging to Splunk and single sign-on (SSO) with Okta and other OpenID Connect (OIDC) providers for enhanced security and visibility.

Scale operations by automating key networking tasks

Provision apps faster — operators can easily manage and optimize networking.

  • Service-based automation

    Reduce manual ticketing for network infrastructure devices using Consul-Terraform-Sync (CTS) and Terraform provider ecosystem.

  • Envoy extensions

    Simplify configuration management by extending Consul-generated Envoy resources without modifying the Consul binary. Built-in extensions include Lua, WASM, and external AuthZ.

Support your existing workflows

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Use Helm to install Consul clients into your own environment and connect them to Consul servers.

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Use the Terraform provider to provision, manage, and remove Consul clusters in a repeatable fashion.

Common use cases for Consul

  • Consul on Kubernetes

    Organizations adopting Kubernetes want to observe, secure, and automate the connections between pods and clusters. Consul on Kubernetes provides a scalable and highly resilient platform for microservices. Consul supports any Kubernetes runtime including hosted solutions like EKS, AKS, GKE, and OpenShift.

  • Discover services with Consul

    Consul acts as a centralized registry that discovers, tracks, and monitors your services regardless of the underlying runtimes, platform, or infrastructure. Consul can be your single source of truth for cataloging and maintaining a record of all your services across multiple disparate teams.

  • Zero trust networking

    A core component of HashiCorp’s zero trust security solution, Consul uses identity-based access to automatically deny service-to-service communication unless authorized explicitly on an as-needed basis. All authorized communication within the service mesh is mutually authenticated with TLS certificates and encrypted in transit.

Get started with Consul

Consul simplifies cloud security automation on fully managed infrastructure. Get started for free and pay only for what you use.