Consul Features

  • Open Source

    Included:Service Mesh Capabilities (mTLS, enhanced observability, etc.)Layer 7 Traffic Management (Splitting, Routing, etc.)Multi-platform Support (e.g. Kubernetes, Nomad, etc.)VM & Container Application SupportDynamic Load Balancing & FirewallingService Discovery & Real-time Health ChecksExtensible EcosystemSupport:Community
  • Everything in Open Source, plus:Secure by DefaultFully Managed InfrastructurePush-button DeploymentsFlexible Sizing OptionsOptions for Development & Production ApplicationsAutomatic Backups & UpgradesHigh AvailabilitySupport:Cloud SLA and support
  • Enterprise

    Everything in Cloud, plus:Network Infrastructure Automation with TFEEnhanced Governance & Policy FeaturesAdvanced Network Scaling OptionsSupport for Advanced NetworkTopologiesSupport:Premium support and services
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