Use cases

Securely connect applications in any environment with identity-based networking

Use Consul and Kubernetes to securely discover and connect applications

Organizations adopting Kubernetes want to observe, secure, and automate the connections between pods and clusters. Consul on Kubernetes provides a scalable and highly resilient platform for microservices. Consul supports any Kubernetes runtime including hosted solutions like Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), and OpenShift.

Get up to speed

Start learning the basics and see what Consul can make possible for your projects.


Further your Consul knowledge and learn how to use Consul to quickly deploy a fully managed, secure-by-default service mesh.

Service discovery

Discover and track applications within any environment. Make new services instantly available and avoid outages caused by stale catalogs.

Network infrastructure automation with Consul-Terraform-Sync

Automate key networking tasks, like updating load balancer member pools or applying firewall policies, using Consul and Terraform.

Health checks

Know in real-time if services are reachable and healthy. Identify any potential outages before they happen.

Secure connections with mTLS

Ensure that all communication between services is both authorized and encrypted automatically.


Understand the main concepts of Consul, what problems it can solve, and how to get going quickly.

Register mesh services

Use configuration files to define and register services with Consul and associate services with health checks.

Configure mesh behavior

The exported services configuration entry enables you to export services from a single file.

Manage mesh traffic

Gateways provide connectivity into, out of, and between Consul service meshes.

Set up API gateway

Using Consul API gateway functionality.

Get started with Consul

Consul simplifies cloud security automation on fully managed infrastructure. Get started for free and pay only for what you use.