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Deploy and Manage Any Containerized, Legacy, or Batch Application

Nomad is an easy-to-use, flexible, and performant workload orchestrator that enables organizations to deploy applications on any infrastructure at scale.

Dynamic Workload Orchestration for Dynamic Infrastructure

Static Infrastructure

Infrastructure is managed on a per application basis.

Traditional Approach

  • Partitioned infrastructure
  • Manual workflows
  • Low resource utilization

Dynamic Infrastructure

A common pool of infrastructure is shared across applications.

Nomad Approach

  • Unified infrastructure
  • Automated workflows
  • High resource utilization

How Nomad Works

Nomad runs in clusters of server and client nodes. Developers define application deployment requirements using Nomad’s job specification. Servers accept jobs, compute efficient placements via bin-packing, and deploy jobs onto clients. Nomad is fault-tolerant and will auto-migrate applications to alternate clients when an outage occurs.

How Nomad Works - HashiCorp Nomad

Nomad Principles


Define your applications, their requirements, and deployment strategies easily using declarative infrastructure-as-code HCL.

  1. job "docs" {
  2. region = "us"
  3. datacenters = ["us-west-1"]
  4. type = "service"
  5. group "webs" {
  6. count = 5
  7. task "frontend" {
  8. driver = "docker"
  9. config {
  10. image = "hashicorp/web-frontend"
  11. }
  12. resources {
  13. cpu = 500 # MHz
  14. memory = 128 # MB
  15. }
  16. }
  17. }
  18. }


Run your microservices, batch workloads, containers, and legacy applications on Linux and Windows entirely through Nomad.

HashiCorp Product Interoperability

Nomad seamlessly integrates with HashiCorp Consul and Vault for first-class service discovery and secrets management.

Nomad Case Studies


Deploying 1,000s of Batch Workloads Per Second With Cloud Bursting and Federation

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Continuous Application Delivery for 8,000 Developers Through Shared Services Platform

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Nomad Open Source and Enterprise Features

Nomad Open Source addresses the technical complexity of workload orchestration in the cloud, on-prem, or on hybrid infrastructure.

Nomad Enterprise addresses the organizational complexity of multi-team and multi-cluster deployments with collaboration and governance features.

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