Use cases

HashiCorp Terraform automates provisioning and security based on infrastructure and policy as code.

Let Terraform do the work

Automate infrastructure provisioning on any cloud.

Standardize with a common, collaborative workflow to provision, secure, govern, and audit any infrastructure

Increase productivity with change tracking and versioning, reusability, and centralized configuration. Use the same workflow to manage multiple cloud providers and handle cross-cloud dependencies with 2,500+ public providers in the Terraform Registry. Extend Terraform's automation with CI/CD integrations, API access, and third-party services with run tasks.

Get up to speed

Start learning the basics and see what Terraform can make possible for your projects.


Further your Terraform knowledge and learn how to use Terraform to automate infrastructure provisioning at any scale.

Get started with Terraform Cloud

Collaborate on version-controlled configuration using Terraform Cloud. Follow this learning track to build, change, and destroy infrastructure using remote runs and state.

Enforce policy with Sentinel

Enforce policies before your users create infrastructure using the Sentinel policy as code framework, integrated with Terraform Cloud.

Create and use no-code modules

No-code provisioning in Terraform Cloud lets users deploy infrastructure resources without writing Terraform configuration.

Manage private environments

Manage isolated, private, or on-premises infrastructure using self-hosted Terraform Cloud agents.


Understand the main concepts of Terraform, what problems it can solve, and how to get going quickly.

Configuration language

The Terraform language is declarative, describing an intended goal rather than the steps to reach that goal.

Migrating to Terraform Cloud

You can begin using Terraform Cloud to manage existing resources without de-provisioning them.

Private registry

Terraform Cloud's private registry helps you share Terraform providers and modules across your organization.

Policy enforcement

Define fine-grained, logic-based policies using Sentinel or Open Policy Agent (OPA) to validate that the Terraform plan complies with security rules and best practices.

Get started with Terraform

Terraform provides infrastructure automation. Get started for free, and pay only for what you use.