Case Study

A Consul Service Mesh Integration Case Study with Presto

Feb 27, 2020

In this case study, a service mesh architecture is created with the help of Consul and Presto, a popular distributed SQL engine for big data.

When establishing a service mesh architecture supported by HashiCorp Consul at an enterprise-level, it’s very possible that you will need to natively integrate some existing applications with the Consul Connect API to support the acceptance and establishment of connections to other Connect-enabled services without relying on a proxy sidecar.

In this context, fairly complex Java applications are still quite widespread and critical to many businesses, so how do you bring them into the fold without introducing massive pain points and/or undesired technical debt into your projects?

» Enter Consul, Nomad, and Presto

In this presentation, Arturo Viveros and Fredrik Hoem Grelland will demonstrate step-by-step how to work in this scenario optimally using Presto (a popular distributed SQL engine for big data). They will also discuss challenges, pitfalls, best practices and the overall experiences they've had with this process.

This talk will specifically highlight Consul & Nomad.

» Slide

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