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Dynamic Load Balancing with Consul and Nginx Plus

Watch this demo of a micro CDN network being deployed and automated using Nginx Plus and HashiCorp Consul.


  • James Jones
    James JonesTechnical Solutions Architect, NGINX
  • Cody DeArkland
    Cody DeArklandTechnical Product Marketing Manager, Consul, HashiCorp

What if you could unlock the dynamic load balancing of public cloud, without the cost? What if you could have a consistent solution for on-premises AND in public cloud? Networking in the datacenter has moved to a much more dynamic model. Public cloud has driven a level of agility that has seemed to be unmatched, and the networking domain is no exception to this.

Deploy a set of web-servers, put it behind a cloud native load balancer, and it’ll automatically respond to scale by adding it to the load balancer in question... for a cost. Seems easy enough and, while costly, the operational benefits of not worrying about the day-2 scaling operations has often outweighed the financial impact. What if there was another way?

Ngnix & Consul: Better Together

NGINX Plus is a tried and true lightweight, portable, all-in-one software web server, load balancer, reverse proxy, content cache, and API gateway commonly deployed across public, private, and on-prem environments. Providing a consistent, cost effective, and performant way of delivering these services with more capabilities than cloud native tools.

When paired with HashiCorp Consul, which provides in service discovery, network automation, and servic mesh, you unlock the ability to drive dynamic networking operations in you existing load balancing environments.

Watch this webinar to see a demo of how you can accomplish this model today. We’ll touch use HashiCorp Terraform for provisioning in multi-cloud, and a lot of dynamic networking with Consul and Nginx!

And be sure to check out the Load Balancing with NGINX Plus' Service Discovery Integration Learn guide.

Video Sections

0:00 — Introduction

3:30 — Demo Architecture: Nginx+, Consul, and CDNs

5:10 — Intro to Consul

10:19 — Consul Template and Nginx

19:34 — Demo: Nginx+, Consul, and CDNs

32:34 — Live Q&A

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