Migrating Applications With Service Mesh

This demo is a migration story: It shows how to bridge the gap between brownfield and greenfield applications with Consul service mesh.


  • Rosemary Wang
    Rosemary WangDeveloper Advocate, HashiCorp

At the TechReckoning Fest, an online conference, HashiCorp developer advocate Rosemary Wang gives a demo on how to leverage Consul service mesh for connecting, securing, and deploying greenfield and brownfield applications from on-premises datacenters to cloud-based Kubernetes environments, using traffic splitting for progressive delivery.

In this demo, you'll learn:

  • How to configure two existing services inside of a service mesh
  • How to enable Consul service mesh for your new greenfield service in Kubernetes
  • How to join together VMs and Kubernetes clusters
  • How to use Consul's mesh gateways to allow traffic to transparently and securely be routed from datacenter another.
  • How to migrate traffic from a service in one datacenter to a new service running in your modern Kubernetes environment using traffic splitting, which can be based on the presence of an HTTP header to do A/B testing or based on path routing.

You can follow this documentation of the demo.


0:00 — Introduction and chat

12:03 — Demo: Bridging the gap between brownfield and greenfield applications with a service mesh with Consul service mesh and mesh gateway inter-datacenter communication.

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