A New Look for Vagrant

A New Look for Vagrant

Jan 01 2013 Mitchell Hashimoto

To kick off the new year, Vagrant has a brand new look! Vagrant has a new logo for the first time in three years, and the website is redesigned and restructured.

The new Vagrant logo is a simple "V" built up with isometric cubes. This matches the core HashiCorp style, visible on the HashiCorp homepage. The old logo or mascot, known as "Vince," is now retired.

The main website has been completely redesigned and incorporates the new logo.

The New Vagrant Website

The main Vagrant website and the documentation site have been split into two different properties: www.vagrantup.com and docs.vagrantup.com. While the main site has already been redesigned, the documentation site will be redesigned and restructured shortly.

Over the past three years, hundreds of pull requests have been opened to add content, fix typos, and clarify existing information on the Vagrant website. We want to continue to encourage this, so the new websites are both open source and welcome contributions.

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