HashiCorp: 2013 in Review

We're approaching the end of the first full calendar year of HashiCorp, and it has been an incredible year in many ways. We wanted to share with you what we achieved in 2013 and to briefly touch upon 2014.

In March 2013, after more than a year in development, Vagrant 1.1 was released. This was a monumental release in the history of Vagrant because it added support for providers while maintaining backwards compatibility. Not a single file of the source code of Vagrant was left unchanged, and this was the biggest release since the first release of Vagrant.

Today, we're at Vagrant 1.4.x and there are providers for basically every platform out there. The adoption of Vagrant and other providers has been much faster than we ever could've imagined.

In May, we released a brand new tool: Packer. Packer is already in use at many companies and is seeing rapid growth. While this year was about releasing Packer, next year is going to be all about integrating it with some of our other tools/products, existing and upcoming. Packer should have a big year next year.

In June, Vagrant: Up and Running was published, becoming the first book dedicated to Vagrant. This has helped push Vagrant adoption to new places. Following this book, another dedicated Vagrant book was published by Packt.

In July, Armon joined HashiCorp as a co-founder. He has been doing some amazing work, being primarily responsible for Serf as well as much of our upcoming products.

In October, we released Serf, our first server-side component. While still very young, the popularity of Serf is growing, and there are already a lot of interesting talks and uses of Serf in the wild. The reason we built Serf was as a component that is used in some of our upcoming products.

Going into the end of the year, we've been working on a lot of new things for next year that you'll see announced early in 2014. What an amazing year for HashiCorp, Vagrant, and our new tools.

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