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HashiCorp at Microsoft Ignite

We are excited to be part of Microsoft Ignite this year in Orlando, Florida. The HashiCorp and Microsoft partnership continues to extend and deepen so that we can offer our joint customers and users the best tools for building and running applications deployed on cloud infrastructure. Microsoft kicked off the conference with updates to Azure Stack, mentioning the new HashiCorp Terraform providers that enable Kubernetes deployments. This blog contains product updates from the conference like that, as well as sessions that featured notable HashiCorp content.


Microsoft announced two major updates related to HashiCorp technology:

The first, as mentioned above, were the announced Terraform provider updates for deploying Kubernetes on Azure Stack. Look for those provider updates coming soon here.

The second, is the private preview for the Azure VM Image Builder, which is built on HashiCorp Packer. This tool allows you to build, customize, and deploy VM images. Plus, because the tool is built on Packer, you can import existing Packer shell provisioning scripts. Read Microsoft's blog post for more information.

»Sessions at Ignite

HashiCorp is featured in a number of sessions throughout Ignite:

  • BRK2367 - Azure Stack Overview and Roadmap

This session will discuss Terraform integration with Azure and cover how Azure Stack fits in Microsoft hybrid cloud strategy, and product roadmap. The session showcases some solution patterns Microsoft has to get you up and running with Azure Stack quickly. View the recorded session here.

  • BRK3318 - Accelerate application development through open source frameworks and marketplace items

This session teaches how to leverage popular open source tools (including Terraform) to accelerate your application development. View the recorded session here

  • BRK3306 - Cloud native Azure deployments with Terraform

This session will deep-dive on using Terraform to deploy and manage Azure-based solutions. It will also look at methods for integrating Terraform deployments into change management and DevOps practices and tooling. View the recorded session here

  • THR3103 - Azure DevOps using Jenkins, Terraform, and Ansible

Made for those developing in Java, Node.js, Go, .NET, or any other language, this session starts with a tour of Azure integrations with Jenkins, Terraform, and Ansible. It shows how to use Jenkins for continuous integration/deployment (CI/CD) along with Terraform for provisioning and Ansible for configuration management in a toolchain targeting Kubernetes or Virtual Machine Scale Sets (VMSS). View the recorded session here

  • BRK3194 - Deploying containerized and serverless apps using Terraform with Kubernetes (AKS) and Azure Functions

This session, featuring HashiCorp’s Christie Koehler, shows how to provision Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) clusters and Azure Functions using Terraform with the AzureRM provider. It also shows you how to use the generic Kubernetes provider for provisioning without interactively using kubectl. Plus, it teaches how to deploy containerized and serverless apps to Azure on top of the infrastructure provisioned by Terraform. View the recorded session here

  • BRK3043 - Hybrid multi-cloud Infrastructure as Code using Terraform

This session is a deep dive into how to use Terraform across different clouds. This session describes how to build out Terraform infrastructure solutions using integrations with Visual Studio Code, CloudShell, Kubernetes, Kitchen, and Terraform Registry. Learn how you can contribute to the Azure Terraform community and influence Azure, whether you're a Terraform novice or a Go expert. It will also offer a guide on when to use ARM templates and Terraform. View the recorded session here

  • BRK3266 - Automation tools for Azure infrastructure

Automation is a key to fully embrace what Microsoft Azure offers in a consistent and optimal manner. This session will walk through the benefits of different automation tools, including Terraform. View the recorded session here

  • BRK3193 - Create and manage custom images using Azure Virtual Machine image template service

This session teaches you how you can use the Azure Virtual Machine image template service to build, customize, and distribute custom virtual machine images with a few simple calls managed by a service. Plus, it shows how you can integrate this in your existing CI/CD pipeline and get full RBAC and policy control on the image building and manage its lifecycle in future.

  • THR3102 - Accelerate CI/CD with custom VM images using the Azure Virtual Machine image template service

Similar to the previous session, this talk walks through using the Azure Virtual Machine image template service to build, customize, and distribute custom virtual machine images with a few simple calls managed by a service. View the recorded session here


If you are attending Ignite, come by the Infrastructure as Code section to talk to HashiCorp engineers. To learn more about HashiCorp open source and Enterprise offerings, visit

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