Nomad v0.5.5 released!

Nomad v0.5.5 released!

Mar 15 2017 Alex Dadgar

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Nomad v0.5.5 includes a number of exciting new features and improvements:

  • Distinct Property Constraint - The distinct_property constraint allows job operators to spread allocations across unique values for a given property. This allows use cases such as spreading allocation across distinct racks in private datacenters to minimize correlated failures.

    group "api-server" {

    » ...

    constraint { distinct_property = "${meta.rack}" }

    » ...


  • task "log-shipper" {

    # ...

    } }

    For more information, please see the leader parameter documentation.

  • Time Zones in Periodic Jobs - Periodic jobs may now specify the time zone their cron specification is applied in. This allows periodic jobs that handle day light savings and leap seconds.

    periodic { cron = "*/15 * * * * *" time_zone = "America/New_York" }

    For more information, please see the periodic stanza documentation.

  • Improved Internals and Operator Commands - Nomad now uses the latest version of both HashiCorp's Raft and Serf libraries, which incorporates our Lifeguard enhancements

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