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Secure Consul and Registered Services on Kubernetes

Recently, we released a new hands-on tutorial for Securing Consul and Registered Services on Kubernetes using the official HashiCorp Consul Helm chart for Kubernetes.

In this tutorial, you will:

  • Review the types of Consul service mesh traffic
  • Install an unsecured Consul service mesh on Kubernetes for development or debugging
  • Verify that gossip encryption, TLS, and ACLs are not enabled
  • Upgrade the installation to enable gossip encryption, TLS, and ACLs
  • Verify that gossip encryption, TLS, and ACLs are enabled
  • Deploy two example services to the service mesh
  • Configure zero-trust networking using Consul intentions

»HashiCorp Consul with Kubernetes

Consul has a set of features to support first-class integration with Kubernetes. The official Helm Chart simplifies the deployment and maintenance of Consul on Kubernetes. The gossipEncryption, enableAutoEncrypt, and manageSystemACLs features along with Consul intentions, enable a low touch security configuration process.

In addition to enhanced features, the integration extends the scalability and simplicity of Consul to Kubernetes. Consul is a universal service mesh that can securely connect services within and beyond Kubernetes, creating a seamless experience.

»What’s next

Try the new HashiCorp Learn tutorial on a local Kubernetes cluster.

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