The Kubernetes to Nomad Cheat Sheet

For Kubernetes users looking to learn HashiCorp Nomad concepts and commands — or vice versa — we’ve designed a cheat sheet for quick reference and a fast onramp.

Last year we wrote A Kubernetes User's Guide to HashiCorp Nomad — a resource for learning the equivalent terminologies, comparisons, and differentiations between HashiCorp Nomad and Kubernetes. As a follow up, we also wrote A Kubernetes User's Guide to HashiCorp Nomad Secret Management, which compared Kubernetes and Nomad’s integration workflows with HashiCorp Vault.

This year, we’ve designed a companion cheat sheet that condenses some of the concept comparisons made in those guides and adds original content. This new, one-page reference PDF starts with a list of Kubernetes commands and their Nomad equivalents and has a list of Kubernetes concepts and their Nomad equivalents at the bottom.

»The Cheat Sheet

Below is an image of the Kubernetes to Nomad cheat sheet and a PDF download link (no registration required):

Download PDF
The Kubernetes to Nomad cheatsheet

»Contribute on the GitHub Page

Along with the PDF cheat sheet, we’ve also started a GitHub page for collecting Nomad cheat sheets. The Kubernetes-to-Nomad commands and concepts cheat sheets are the first two resources to be added to this repository, which is now open for edits and additions by the community.

So if you have your own set of common Kubernetes commands that you’ve translated into Nomad (or vice versa), or you think there’s an error that needs to be updated, you can easily put in a pull request on the GitHub page. And if you have an idea for another Nomad cheat sheet, and you’d like to submit some of it, go ahead and write a pull request for that as well.

This cheat sheet and its various deployments were created by Michael Schurter, Kerim Satirli, Erik Veld, Taylor Dolezal, Jacquie Grindrod, Andrei Burd, Charlie Voiselle, Amier Chery, Kristopher Hughes, and Paul Burt.

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