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Updating the Vagrant VMware Plugin

The Vagrant VMware plugin will fail to activate with HashiCorp servers starting on February 16th, 2018. For the next 30 days after this date, currently installed VMware plugins will start to encounter errors activating their license.

Historically the Vagrant VMware plugin used a custom SSL certificate when connecting to the plugin activation end point for license validation. We have decided with the expiry of this certificate to remove the custom SSL certificate usage from the plugin completely. An added benefit of removing the custom certificate is better operability on corporate networks.

Due to the implementation of the plugin, the best way to provide this update is to simply remove the certificate usage and repackage the plugins. The impact of this change on current users of the VMware plugins is a requirement to uninstall the plugin from Vagrant and re-install the plugin again. We apologize for the inconvenience this presents to users. The complete removal of the custom SSL certificate also ensures that this issue will not happen again in the future.

»Fixing Installed Plugins

To fix currently installed VMware plugins, the plugin must be first uninstalled and then re-installed:

For Vagrant VMware Workstation plugins:

$ vagrant plugin uninstall vagrant-vmware-workstation
$ vagrant plugin install vagrant-vmware-workstation

For Vagrant VMware Fusion plugins:

$ vagrant plugin uninstall vagrant-vmware-fusion
$ vagrant plugin install vagrant-vmware-fusion

If the re-installed plugin continues to fail when attempting to activate the plugin, expunge all the Vagrant plugins and then re-install. There is a chance that a locally cached version of the plugin may be being used for the re-install. Please note, the following command will remove all currently installed Vagrant plugins. Those plugins will need to be re-installed again.

Vagrant VMware Workstation:

$ vagrant plugin expunge --force
$ vagrant plugin install vagrant-vmware-workstation

Vagrant VMware Fusion:

$ vagrant plugin expunge --force
$ vagrant plugin install vagrant-vmware-fusion

If you encounter any issues while attempting to re-install the Vagrant VMware plugin please contact HashiCorp support.

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