Vagrant 1.9.5

Vagrant 1.9.5

May 16 2017    Chris Roberts

We are pleased to announce the release of Vagrant 1.9.5. This release includes new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

Download Vagrant 1.9.5 here

Vagrant 1.9.5 includes a few notable features and improvements:

  • Docker Compose - The docker provider can now be driven by docker-compose, providing more control over the development environment and easing setup requirements.
  • RHEL guest networking - Network configuration has been updated for Red Hat guests (and derivatives). These updates include better detection and handling of interfaces managed or not managed by NetworkManager or systemd.
  • WSL Support - This release includes the initial support for the Windows Subsystem for Linux. The support is considered alpha at this time as WSL is still beta on Windows. See the documentation for more information.

Many more improvements and bug fixes are included in this release. Please review the v1.9.5 changelog for a detailed list of changes.

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