Vagrant Up and Running with VMware's Project Photon

Project Photon by VMware is a container-optimized Linux operating system that was announced today. We have packaged it as a Vagrant box to make experimenting with Photon using Vagrant an easy and enjoyable process.

Note: This guide requires that you have at least VMware Fusion 5.x+ or VMware Workstation 9.x+ installed. You must also have the corresponding Vagrant VMware plugin installed in Vagrant with a valid license.

  1. First, clone the example repository from GitHub:

    $ git clone
  2. Next, cd into the cloned project directory and run the appropriate vagrant up command for your VMware product:

    $ vagrant up --provider vmware_fusion
    $ vagrant up --provider vmware_workstation

    Note: If you see an error regarding "configure_networks", it can be ignored.

  3. Run vagrant ssh to establish a secure shell connection to the Photon OS:

    $ vagrant ssh

    Now you have access to a container-optimized Linux operating system with Docker and Rkt already installed!

  4. Test it out by running a Docker container:

    $ docker run -d -p 80:80 tutum/apache-php
  5. Navigate to http://localhost in your browser and see the welcome screen:

    Note: Vagrant is forwarding the port (see the Vagrantfile for more information). If another process is using port 80, you may see an error and need to choose a different port.

Since VMware's Photon has rkt installed as well, simply run rkt to view the possible commands.

That's it — you can now experiment with building, testing, and running containers in a lightweight development environment with Vagrant and Project Photon!

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