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Migrating to Terraform Cloud/Enterprise to overcome infrastructure challenges

Terraform has enabled organisations to provision and manage Cloud infrastructure across various platforms and environments, whether its public, multi-cloud or even hybrid cloud.

But as our journey into the world of IaC continues, we realise there are challenges that we need to overcome - things like Infrastructure Drifts, Health Checks and even enhancing workflows to be self-service.

Fortunately, these are challenges that are being solved by HashiCorp Terraform Cloud/Enterprise.

Join us in this session to explore at a high-level the differences of Terraform OSS/Cloud/Enterprise, and what are some key considerations as we transition from Terraform OSS to Terraform Cloud/Enterprise.

If you are new to Terraform, you will benefit from the overview of how utilising Terraform can accelerate your move to the Cloud and benefit from the move.

If you are an existing Terraform Open Source user, You will also get to understand some key considerations moving from OSS to Terraform Cloud/Enterprise and a live demo as well to demonstrate the migration.

Agenda (SGT/AEDT)

  • 11:00amWelcome
  • 11:05amTerraform Overview
  • 11:15amLive Demo


Samuel Lee
Samuel Lee

Solutions Engineer