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Getting Started with Vault

HashiCorp Vault Helm chart has been updated with RedHat OpenShift 4.X support. We have extended the existing Helm chart to support installing and running Vault Enterprise on OpenShift. Using the Helm chart, you will be able to use annotations to inject secrets, via sidecar injection, into applications with no native HashiCorp Vault logic built-in to leverage static and dynamic secrets sourced from Vault.provides a Vault Agent, and the latest release has been enhanced with the Template functionality. The Vault Agent performs three functions: It authenticates with Vault using a configured authentication method using the Kubernetes authentication method. It stores the Vault token in a sink file like /var/run/secrets/, and keeps it valid by refreshing it at the appropriate time. The latest feature from Vault Agent is the template, which allows Vault secrets to be rendered to files using Consul Template markup.

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