SE Hangout

How to Transition from Terraform OSS to Enterprise

Mar 26, 2020

Learn how to alleviate some of the challenges in moving from a Terraform OSS workflow (mainly CLI) to a Terraform Enterprise workflow (API-driven).


  • Ranjit Viswakumar

    Ranjit Viswakumar

    Sr. Solutions Engineer, HashiCorp

When an organization decides it's time to start using Terraform Enterprise or Terraform Cloud's Team & Governance tier, the operators anticipate a painful transition of retraining employees—who were originally very familiar with the command line workflows—to use API-workflows and updating all pipelines to use the API instead.

In this solutions engineering hangout, senior solutions engineer Ranjit Viswakumar will show you how to make the transition as easy as possible with several live demos.

» Outline

0:00 — Scenario Overview: Transitioning from a Terraform OSS workflow to an Enterprise workflow

6:02 — Demo: Example Terraform open source workflow (CLI-driven)

8:57 — Demo: Example Terraform Enterprise workflow (API-driven)

12:28 — Demo: Tips and tools for transitioning from CLI to API driven workflows

21:57 — Q&A

» Slides

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