Modern Application Delivery with AWS and HashiCorp

Jan 08, 2019

Watch HashiCorp Developer Advocate Anubhav Mishra demo Vagrant, Packer, Terraform, Nomad, Consul Connect, and Vault to deploy cloud-native applications on AWS ECS.


  • Anubhav Mishra

    Anubhav Mishra

    Developer Advocate, HashiCorp

The compatibility between AWS and HashiCorp tools is very mature, with many production deployments to learn from. In this concise talk from Amazon's re:Invent 2018, Anubhav Mishra demos six workflows that have worked well for AWS users and describe in depth how AWS services, combined with HashiCorp tools, can help you build a reliable application delivery platform.

This talk includes demos for:

  • Vagrant - Developer environment provisioning
  • Packer - Machine image build automation
  • Terraform - Infrastructure provisioning, infrastructure as code
  • Nomad - Cluster scheduler
  • Consul Connect - Service discovery, service configuration, service mesh
  • Vault - Centralized secrets manager

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