Case Study

Simplify Your Terraform Codebase Using Terraform 0.12 and Terraform Enterprise

Aug 01, 2019

Take a look at how Instruqt is using Terraform 0.12 and Terraform Enterprise to provision arbitrary sandbox environments.


  • Adé Mochtar

    Adé Mochtar

    Co-Founder, Instruqt

Instruqt is an online interactive IT learning platform. Their users can define and create sandbox environments based on real infrastructure and tools. In these sandboxes, they can guide their users through their product using challenges.

At Instruqt, co-founder Adé Mochtar and the rest of his engineers have been long-time Terraform users and fans. They use Terraform extensively, both to provision their core infrastructure and for provisioning the sandbox environments for their users.

In this talk, Adé will show how Instruqt has adopted Terraform and Terraform Enterprise to provision arbitrary sandbox environments. Hear about the challenges they ran into, like state management, parallel execution, and code generation; and then learn how they solved these challenges.

Thanks to Terraform 0.12 they no longer need to write Go templates to inject parameters into their resources, they can just use HCL. And with Terraform Enterprise, they've removed all of the complexity that comes with maintaining and customizing their remote state management.

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