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Announcing HashiCorp Terraform 0.14 Beta

Terraform 0.14 is now available in beta and features improvements in security, visibility, and stability.

We are pleased to announce the availability of HashiCorp Terraform 0.14 in public beta.

Terraform 0.14 focuses on functionality considered to be core to the infrastructure as code experience, including workflow improvements focused on predictability, and helping practitioners make better decisions about the changes Terraform will make. Following the 0.14 release, we will be focusing on stability as we move toward a Terraform 1.0 release. 

Terraform 0.14 highlights include:

  • Sensitive input variables and derived sensitivity. Configuration authors can now mark input variables as sensitive, and have those values redacted from the Terraform console output. This feature focuses on providing a tool for practitioners to help suppress the output of values from Terraform and infrastructure pipelines using Terraform, into systems that may not have the same controls, e.g. logging and /monitoring. Sensitive input variables provide a building block for protecting sensitive information. 

  • A new, on-by-default, concise diff. Terraform 0.12 included a change in the way the plan file and diff was rendered — resulting in notably more verbose output when compared to Terraform 0.11. Terraform 0.14 will ship with  a new concise diff format. This feature will allow you to better understand which resources, attributes, and blocks are being modified, and can help you make more informed decisions about which actions Terraform intends to take. When Terraform is run in automation as a part of a deployment pipeline, the concise diff makes it easier to review which changes have occurred over time.

  • Provider Dependency Lock File. The provider dependency lock file can be used to ensure the collection of external dependencies used for a given configuration are consistent. This will help prevent unexpected changes to your infrastructure codebase due to an inadvertent upgrade. This feature takes provider version pinning one step further by creating a lockfile that will prevent accidental upgrades or changes to the version of a provider in use for a given configuration.

  • Officially supported ARM64 releases for Linux.

Getting Started

Here is where to find important getting started information about Terraform 0.14:

To get started using Terraform 0.14:

  • Download the Terraform 0.14-beta2 release
  • If you are upgrading from a previous release, read the beta guide to learn about taking advantage of Terraform 0.14’s new features

As with all pre-release builds, remember that v0.14.0-beta2 may still contain bugs and it should not be used in a production setting. We welcome your feedback on the beta. If you run into an issue, please file a new bug report in GitHub. Please check the known issues list before filing to see if your issue has already been reported.

To evaluate Terraform 0.14-beta2 as part of your Terraform Cloud workflow, please write to to have Terraform 0.14-beta2 access added to your organization.

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