Announcing HashiCorp Terraform 0.13 Beta

We are pleased to announce the availability of HashiCorp Terraform 0.13 in public beta.

The 0.13 release of Terraform builds on the powerful language improvements made with 0.12, with a focus on improved usability for module-specific workflows and enhancements to our vibrant and growing provider ecosystem. Terraform 0.13 is also the first major release featuring Terraform login,which makes it simple to collaborate using Terraform Cloud.

Terraform 0.13 highlights include:

  • Module-centric workflows are getting a boost with the count, depends_on, and for_each features of the Terraform confirmation language.

  • Terraform 0.13 brings with it a new required providers syntax. This change goes hand in hand with improvements to the Terraform Provider Registry. For the beta release, we’re focused on the ability to discover and initialize community providers from the Registry. These are major improvements to our provider ecosystem and provider interaction. In addition to simplifying the installation of community providers, Terraform can now distinguish between official HashiCorp-supported providers & HashiCorp partner-supported providers.

  • Custom variable validation, introduced as a language experiment in Terraform 0.12.20, is now a production-ready feature in Terraform 0.13.

  • The terraform login command connects a CLI user to the Terraform Cloud app, where they can generate and copy an API token.

»Getting Started

Here is where to find important getting started information about Terraform 0.13:

To get started using Terraform 0.13:

  • Download the Terraform 0.13-beta3 release.
  • If you are upgrading from a previous release, read the draft upgrade guide to learn about the required upgrade steps.

As with all pre-release builds, remember that v0.13.0-beta2 may still contain bugs and it should not be used in a production setting. We welcome your feedback on the beta. If you run into an issue, please file a new bug report in GitHub. Please check the known issues list before filing to see if your issue has already been reported.

To evaluate Terraform 0.13-beta2 as part of your Terraform Cloud workflow, please write to support@hashicorp.com to have Terraform 0.13-beta2 access added to your organization.

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