Bonnier News uses Elastx and HashiCorp to create their new digital platform

This is a guest blog from Henrik Grankvist, COO at Elastx. Elastx is a HashiCorp Technology Partner.

Elastx is a Swedish based public cloud provider. We offer two fully automated cloud platforms, IaaS and PaaS. The underlying foundation is based on our Jelastic PaaS and OpenStack platform. Our datacenters are throughout Sweden and are 20 kilometers from one another. This is ideal for building cloud-based environments with high-availability and disaster recovery in-mind. We offer 100Gbps core network connectivity. The latency between our datacenters is less than 0.5ms. We have been running OpenStack in production since 2014. We were the first Nordic cloud provider to join the OpenStack foundation. The OpenStack deployment supports standard API's with both ISO14001 and ISO27001 certifications.

Elastx believes the best way we can help companies is with sustainable, automated IT. We focus on codified infrastructure for our IaaS, PaaS, and bare metal solutions. The codified infrastructure is the foundation of automation for our customers. Terraform and the other HashiCorp products enable us to build this infrastructure stack.

To completely harness the power of the cloud, customers need to automate everything. For many companies this strategy is part of a larger transformation. Delivering applications faster while mindful of the inconsistency in application requirements. The cloud provides the flexibility in available application resources with little lead time. Now organizations want to accelerate application delivery with DevOps and CI/CD practices. Elastx and HashiCorp enables customers to adopt cloud and implement DevOps best practices. We have had several great engagements with customers. One of our customers is Bonnier News and Sweden’s largest newspapers. They were looking for a solution to put in place their digital transformation.

Miniature Case Study

Bonnier News was coming up on their 150th anniversary and needed to change the way they did IT. Elastx cloud was their answer! They decided to leave behind their old manual server infrastructure. They chose an automated platform based on Elastx and complemented with HashiCorp.

Bonnier News had challenges with server sprawl and their transition to microservices. The Elastx cloud provided them with flexibility to connect many types of infrastructure. This included IaaS, PaaS, and bare metal. HashiCorp products helped in providing consistent workflows regardless of the underlying technology. This included infrastructure provisioning, security, service discovery, and application deployment. Each product focused on its own task and is easy to modify, replace, or integrate. The full details about their project are available in the case study viewable here.

Bonnier News Case Study

Elastx is a strong advocate for open source and avoid vendor-lock-in solutions. That is what drew us to the HashiCorp and why we integrated Terraform, Vault, Nomad, and Consul. HashiCorp products are the standard recommendation we make to our customers.

HashiCorp enables organizations to provision, secure, and run any infrastructure for any application. It is great hearing how organizations put this in action using HashiCorp open-source tools and Enterprise products. To learn more about our Enterprise products visit here.

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