HashiTalks 2021 Highlights: Nomad and Consul

Watch these highlighted talks from our 2021 HashiTalks community event. This recap features talks on HashiCorp Nomad and Consul.

In the first HashiTalks 2021 highlights blog, we shared a handful of talks on HashiCorp Vagrant, Packer, Boundary, and Waypoint, as well as a few product-agnostic talks. You can check out those videos here. Today, we are sharing most of our HashiCorp Nomad and Consul-focused talks from the event with you.

As we continue publishing more talks from HashiTalks 2021, we hope you benefit from the quality technical content produced by our community. We will continue to post newly prepared session videos in the HashiCorp Resource Library with full abstracts for each talk along with slides for some.

»HashiCorp Consul

Observability with HashiCorp Consul Connect (Service Mesh)

Bram Vogelaar shows how to configure and analyze the metrics, logs, and traces that Consul produces using Prometheus, Loki, Tempo, and Grafana.

Zero Trust Security for Legacy Apps with Service Mesh

Rajesh Mishra from Apigee shows how a HashiCorp Consul service mesh can help you achieve Zero Trust Security for a legacy application without going through a complete application modernization process.

Building a Fast-Moving, PKI Compliance-Centered Environment at Scale with HashiCorp Vault and Consul

Tomas Gustavsson shares his proof of concept for security and compliance at scale using HashiCorp Consul for service mesh, secrets from Vault, and certificates from EJBCA.

Service Mesh — Beyond the Hype

Anubhav Mishra demos how HashiCorp created the Consul Scalability Challenge and shares the results that we saw when we ran this test at a large scale for applications running on a variety of environments.

A10 & HashiCorp Network Infrastructure Automation with Consul-Terraform-Sync

Rishi Sampat explains how A10 built cloud networking automation integrations with HashiCorp Terraform and Consul and was an early adopter of the Network Infrastructure Automation (NIA) solution.

»HashiCorp Nomad

Adding Observability to HashiCorp Nomad Applications with Grafana

Bram Vogelaar shows how to build an open source observability stack for HashiCorp Nomad with Grafana, Prometheus, Loki, and Tempo.

GitLab + Nomad: A GitOps Dream Come True — How the Internet Archive Migrated from Kubernetes to Nomad and Consul

Tracey Jaquith shares GitOps tips and tricks and explains how and why the Internet Archive moved over 100 deployments from Kubernetes to Nomad/Consul clusters.

Don't Be Afraid of CSI: How Critical TechWorks Orchestrates Stateful Apps with Nomad

José Maia & Carlos Cunha show how Critical TechWorks, a BMW group company, went from a vague idea of how to handle orchestrating stateful applications, to a stable and functional Container Storage Interface (CSI)-based process for HashiCorp Nomad deployment.

Integration and Unit Testing on Terraform and Nomad

Thiago Nache Carvalho shares tips and tricks for creating unit tests for HashiCorp Terraform resources in Nomad jobs and namespaces.

A Nomadic Vault: Secrets for Schedulers and Runtimes

Anthony Burke walks through various orchestration security scenarios and demonstrates how to streamline security operations no matter what flavor of Nomad or Vault you use.

HashiCorp's Game of Life

Daniel Bennett built Conway’s Game of Life using the HashiCorp stack and shares the results and process in this session.

Multi-Tenant Nomad: Considerations for Your Cluster

Anthony Burke shows how taking advantage of features such as ACLs, Namespaces, and Resource Quotas in HashiCorp Nomad can vastly improve your developers’ multi-tenant deployment experience.

Fuzzing HashiCorp Nomad With Nomad

Kent Gruber shows how you can use HashiCorp Nomad to run your own fuzz testing cluster at scale without catching your laptop on fire.

HashiCorp APIs via HashiFUSE

John Boero shares his experimental project that makes it simple to adopt HashiCorp products by mapping basic REST API functions to FUSE filesystems.

Autoscaling Your Nomad Jobs Using SRE Insights

Bram Vogelaar teaches you how to configure Nomad and its new autoscaler component to make data-driven decisions about scaling Nomad jobs to fit current customer usage.

»More Highlights

In the coming weeks, we'll post highlight roundup blogs for HashiTalk sessions covering Vault and Terraform. For highlights of our HashiCorp Boundary, Waypoint, Packer, and Vagrant HashiTalks, visit our last highlights post.

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