HashiTalks 2021 Highlights: Boundary, Packer, Vagrant, and Waypoint

Watch these highlighted talks from our 2021 HashiTalks community event. Our first recap features talks on HashiCorp Boundary, Packer, Vagrant, and Waypoint.

Over 10,000 people watched our third annual global HashiTalks livestream — our first HashiTalks livestream that spanned 48 hours instead of the usual 24. Why 48 hours this time? We were so impressed by the extremely high number of quality talk submissions that we decided to expand the number we accepted this year and expand our hours accordingly.

We've made video clips for some of the individual talks and have posted them in the HashiCorp Resource Library with full abstracts for each talk along with slides for some. Today we wanted to highlight a few of those talks.

In this first HashiTalks 2021 highlights blog, we’re sharing a handful of talks about our oldest open source tools, HashiCorp Vagrant and Packer, and our newest projects, HashiCorp Boundary and Waypoint, as well as a few product-agnostic talks. Across all of these topics, the community had plenty of great new use cases and demos to share.

»HashiCorp Boundary

Deploying Boundary in Azure with Terraform

HashiCorp Ambassador Ned Bellavance has built a reference architecture for deploying Boundary on Microsoft Azure for secure session management.

Using Boundary for Identity-Based Multi-Cloud Access

Another HashiCorp Ambassador, Jacob Mammoliti, shows how Boundary can be deployed in a multi- or hybrid cloud environment and how it can be leveraged by users to access infrastructure across different clouds with secure access via fine-grained permissions. Jacob has spoken at each of the last three worldwide HashiTalks.

»HashiCorp Packer

Packer: A Swiss Army Knife for Architectural Enablement Ryan J. Price covers tips and tricks on how to introduce Packer to your organization and get the most out of it.

The Packer Plugin Repository, What’s init?

Wilken Rivera, a HashiCorp software engineer on the Packer team, walks through two of the major changes in the new Packer 1.7 release: A new plugin repository and the packer init command.

Orchestration to Delivery: Integrating GitLab with HashiCorp Terraform, Packer, Vault, Consul, and Waypoint

Abubakar Siddiq Ango will show you how GitLab integrates with HashiCorp Terraform, Packer, Consul, Vault and Waypoint.

»HashiCorp Vagrant

Getting your Python Development Environment Ready with Vagrant

Mario García will show you how to configure Python-based development environments with Vagrant.

Deploying Cisco NXOSv with Vagrant Hoon Jo shares a technique for deploying NXOSv (Cisco Datacenter Network OS) in Vagrant.

»HashiCorp Waypoint

Building and Deploying Applications to Kubernetes with GitLab and Waypoint

A second talk by HashiCorp Ambassador Jacob Mammoliti walks through setting up a GitLab CI/CD pipeline to automatically build, deploy, and release an application to GKE with Waypoint.

I Just Want to Ship My Code. Waypoint, Nomad, and Other Things

HashiCorp software engineer Michael Lange will showcase three demos of the build, deploy, release workflow for a Node.js website using Kubernetes and Docker, Nomad and Docker, and Nomad and raw binaries — all with a Waypoint workflow.

Simple Deployment Pipelines with HashiCorp Waypoint

One HCL file for a complete pipeline. That's what Suman Chakraborty will demo in his talk showcasing his Waypoint pipeline that deploys an app to Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) with Cloud Native Buildpacks.


Chaos, Creativity, and Cookies

Andrew VanLoo shares some thought-provoking tips about information theory and how it can help you be a better software engineer.

Measuring DevOps Success with Pipeline Analytics

Chris Riley teaches you how to build a strategy for measuring DevOps, and using tools like DORA and Flow metrics as KPIs for success.

The Hardest Part of Operating a Service Mesh: Envoy Proxy

Christian Posta shares his observability, debugging, and tuning lessons for working with Envoy proxy.

»More Highlights

These were about half of the total HashiTalks that covered Boundary, Packer, Vagrant, or Waypoint topics. We're working to get the rest of them added to this blog soon as well. With it being the first 48-hour HashiTalks, there's a lot of content to prepare.

In the coming weeks, we'll post highlight roundup blogs for the rest of our HashiTalk sessions covering our other products: HashiCorp Nomad, Consul, Vault, and Terraform.

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