Simple Deployment Pipelines with HashiCorp Waypoint

Using a single HCL file for Waypoint, a complete pipeline can be built that deploys an app to Google Kubernetes Engine with Cloud Native Buildpacks.

Deploying applications in the DevOps landscape can be confusing with so many services, configuration files, and workflows to decode. It becomes even more confusing when you need to identify different tools to run at different phases of the application lifecycle.

Within this context, Suman Chakraborty will demo a pipeline he's built using a single configuration file (written in HCL). This config is for a new open source HashiCorp tool called Waypoint. Along with another open source project called Cloud Native Buildpacks, this pipeline will deploy an app to Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

The talk will be accompanied with a quick demo to show the complete workflow from build to deploy to release.

Speaker: Suman Chakraborty

Slides available here

GitHub Repo

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