Zero Trust Security

Trust nothing. Authenticate and authorize everything.

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In our 2023 State of Cloud Strategy Survey, 88% of respondents see security as important or very important to their multi-cloud success.  But the adoption of cloud means teams and organizations are rethinking how to secure their applications and infrastructure. Security in the cloud is being recast from static and IP-based – defined by a perimeter – to dynamic and identity-based – with no clear perimeter. This idea is known as zero trust security.

Zero trust security is predicated on securing everything based on trusted identities. With HashiCorp’s model around zero trust security, organizations can manage their transition to the cloud while maintaining the level of security they need, one that trusts nothing and authenticates and authorizes everything.

Enable scalable, dynamic security across clouds

HashiCorp’s approach to identity-based security and access provides a solid foundation for companies to safely migrate and secure their infrastructure, applications, and data as they move to a multi-cloud world.

Hashicorp Products Used


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    Improve enterprise security posture

    Leverage identity-based authorization and access controls at all levels of networking and infrastructure along with fully integrated data encryption services.
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    Reduce the likelihood of a breach

    Eliminate damage from secrets sprawl by authenticating and authorizing everything for machine and human-to-machine authentication, authorization, and access.
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    Accelerate secure multi-cloud adoption

    Secure all your clouds with centralized secrets management that spans multiple cloud and on-prem environments, with dynamic service discovery for machine access.
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Vault has proven to be a great equalizer for us, helping find the balance between ensuring the continued security and protection of our sensitive data and minimizing the amount of time and effort.


Adopt Zero Trust Security across clouds with these four pillars

Security automation

Machine authentication & authorization

HashiCorp Vault enables enterprises to centrally store, access, and distribute dynamic secrets like tokens, passwords, certificates, and encryption keys across any public or private cloud environment. Unlike burdensome ITIL-based systems, HashiCorp solutions issue credentials to both people and machines in a dynamic fashion, creating a secure, efficient, and truly multi-cloud solution suited to today's increasingly insecure world.


Machine-to-machine access

HashiCorp Consul enables machine-to-machine access by enforcing authentication between applications and ensuring only the right machines are talking to each other. Consul codifies authorization and traffic rules with encrypted traffic while automating identity-based access for maximum scale, efficiency, and security. With Consul, organizations can discover services, automate network configurations, and enable secure connectivity across any cloud or runtime using service mesh.

Human access and authorization

Human access and authorization

Companies use different identity platforms for federated systems of record. Leveraging these trusted identity providers is the principle of identity-based access and security. HashiCorp products have deep integration with the leading identity providers.

Human-to-machine access

Human-to-machine access

Traditional solutions for safeguarding user access used to require you to distribute and manage SSH keys, VPN credentials, and bastion hosts, which creates risks of credential sprawl and users gaining access to entire networks and systems. HashiCorp Boundary secures access to applications and critical systems with fine-grained authorizations that don't require managing credentials or exposing your entire network.

Zero Trust Security

In this whiteboard video we answers the question: What is Zero Trust Security and Zero Trust Networking? How do I do it? and Why should I do it? If you're moving your applications to cloud environments, this is a critical aspect of cloud security that you must understand.

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Armon Dadgar

Co-founder and CTO of HashiCorp

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