Unlock your cloud operating model

Illustration of the cloud operating model

Unlock your cloud operating model

Create the system of record for your cloud

The cloud requires a shift from static to dynamic datacenters. Enterprises must transition to a new operating model that is scalable and workload-based at every cloud layer to lower costs, reduce risk, and speed development.

Diagram of the shift from static to dynamic datacenters
Diagram of the shift from static to dynamic datacenters

The 4 layers of a cloud operating model

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    Use infrastructure as code to automate provisioning and management across any combination of infrastructure using a common workflow.

  • Security icon

    Adopt a modern identity-based security posture across all your infrastructure to protect customer data and critical systems.

  • Networking icon

    Securely discover, connect, and manage services and applications in any environment with service-based networking.

  • Applications icon

    Increase application velocity with automation to build, deploy, and release code to any cloud runtime.

How to deliver a cloud operating model

Cloud computing is complex — adoption doesn't have to be. Make your move to the cloud in stages by adopting, standardizing, then scaling.

Stage 1


Engineering teams begin to make use of different cloud services to build and run their own set of processes, tools, and architecture. The goal is to experiment with new technologies and learn quickly. Over time, however, this can create silos that don't scale leading to chaos and redundancy requiring a more mature state.

Stage 2


Organizations move to solve this challenge with a team of operations, security, and network engineers, known as a platform team. This team organizes the chaos by connecting development teams to the cloud resources they need through a platform of shared services at each layer of the cloud operating model.

Additionally, this team encourages platform adoption and builds the roadmap of all enhancement requests.

Stage 3


With a successful cloud platform in place, organizations then apply the cloud operating model across all public cloud environments and the entire private estate, including private cloud environments and on-premises datacenters.

HashiCorp's infrastructure automation solutions help support your transition to the cloud with standardized workflows at each layer.

Unlocking the Cloud Operating Model White Paper

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Unlocking the Cloud Operating Model White Paper