New Terraform Cloud and provider integrations from Dell, HPE, Palo Alto Networks, Ping, and others

New Terraform Cloud and OSS integration partners provide more options to automate and secure cloud infrastructure management.

As our HashiCorp Terraform ecosystem continues to expand, we welcome new integrations that provide additional options to Terraform Cloud, Enterprise, and open source (OSS) users as they deploy and manage their cloud and on-premises infrastructure. Terraform is the world’s most widely used multi-cloud provisioning product. Whether you're deploying to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, other clouds, or an on-premises datacenter, Terraform can be a single control plane, using infrastructure as code for infrastructure automation, to provision and manage all your infrastructure.


»Terraform Cloud run task integrations

We welcome two new verified Terraform Cloud run task integrations from our partners:

»Palo Alto Networks

Bridgecrew/Palo Alto Networks announced support for pre-plan run tasks, in addition to post-plan run tasks. Now users can run a Bridgecrew scan either before the plan stage (pre-plan) or after the plan stage (post-plan) for both Terraform Cloud and Terraform Enterprise.


Pluralith helps visualize Terraform workflows. With their new post-plan run tasks integration for Terraform Cloud, users can benefit from the visualized dashboard that displays a record of all the changes made to the infrastructure along with its cost, drift, and compliance information.

»Terraform providers

Announcing 13 new verified Terraform providers from our partners:

»Ariga Technologies

The Ariga Atlas Terraform provider allows you to use Atlas with Terraform to manage your database schemas as part of your infrastructure as code (IaC) workflow.

»Cisco Systems Inc

The Cisco CML2 Terraform provider helps to deploy and run entire "virtual networks as code" on the Cisco Modeling Labs network simulation platform. Available deployment methods allow the creation of networks (e.g. routers, switches, and endpoints and their connectivity) as well as importing existing CML2 topologies.


The Coder Terraform provider allows users to deploy and manage coder resources including apps, agents, and agent instances.

»Dell Inc

The Terraform provider for PowerMax enables users to deploy and manage the resources within PowerMax storage arrays including: host, host_group, port_group,volume, and more. The Terraform provider for OpenManage Enterprise (OME) allows the resource management of PowerEdge servers using OME.

»EnterpriseDB Corporation

The EDB BigAnimal Terraform provider is an IaC service that allows you to provision cloud resources with the Terraform CLI and incorporates those resources into your existing BigAnimal cloud infrastructure workflows.

»Hewlett Packard Enterprise

The Terraform provider for AOS-CX provides a set of configuration management modules and resources specifically designed to manage/configure AOS-CX switches using a REST API.

»Infra Technologies

The Infra Terraform provider is used to automate the configuration of Infra including the ability to connect identity providers, managing groups, managing users, and assign users to groups.


The JupiterOne Terraform provider gives users a way to interact with a JupiterOne API and questions or rules as Terraform resources.

»Ping Identity

The PingOne Terraform provider is a plugin for Terraform that enables the full lifecycle management of PingOne configuration. This provider is maintained internally by the Ping Identity team.

»Sidero Labs Inc

The Sidero Labs Talos Terraform provider allows you to generate the configs for a Talos cluster and apply them to nodes, bootstrap the cluster, and retrieve the kubeconfig and talosconfig files.


The Terraform provider for Suse Public Cloud can be used to define a set of data sources that simplify the task of finding the resources managed by SUSE on different public clouds. The provider gathers data by accessing the public instance of public-cloud-info-service managed by SUSE.


Declaratively manage your identity infrastructure with ZITADEL's Terraform provider and its existing IaC workflows.

»Learn more about Terraform integrations

All integrations are available for review in our HashiCorp Terraform Registry. To verify an existing integration, please refer to our Terraform Cloud Integration Program.

If you haven’t already, try the free tier of Terraform Cloud to help simplify your Terraform workflows and management.

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