New Version of ServiceNow Terraform catalog enables custom workspace naming and tags

The new ServiceNow Service Catalog for Terraform version 2.4 allows you to customize workspace names and add tags to your Terraform workspaces.

We are excited to announce the latest version of the ServiceNow Service Catalog integration for HashiCorp Terraform, version 2.4. This latest iteration introduces custom workspace naming and tagging, which gives teams the ability to be compliant based on organizational naming conventions. Additionally, version 2.4 introduces a new feature that enables the addition of Terraform Cloud tags during the workspace creation process.

This post covers version 2.4’s new features, including:

  • Customizing workspace names
  • Tagging Terraform workspaces

»Customized workspace names

Previously, workspace names were automatically named using ServiceNow RITM ticket numbers. These non-descriptive names created confusion and a lack of clarity.

Now users can customize workspace names and adhere to their organization’s naming conventions, while preserving a link to the ServiceNow ticket.This provides the flexibility of adding a more descriptive name, which is prepended to the RITM ticket number upon ordering a particular Catalog Item.

Service Now workspace name field

»Terraform Cloud workspace tags

Version 2.4 of the ServiceNow Service Catalog for Terraform enables workspace tagging. You can put multiple tags in a comma-separated list and the Service Catalog's backend script will parse them into separate tags and attach them to the workspace in Terraform Cloud. Some default Catalog items let users update both the name and the tags on a previously created workspace.

Not only do tags provide contextual awareness, but they also help admins organize, find, and filter workspaces more effectively in the Terraform Cloud or Enterprise interface, thus reducing the amount of time spent on repetitive manual tasks.

ServiceNow workspace tag field

»Key benefits

The general availability of the latest version of ServiceNow Service Catalog for Terraform Cloud and Terraform Enterprise lets users effectively name and tag workspaces. That brings two main benefits:

  1. Improved efficiency: The automated, RITM based naming for Terraform workspaces came with significant limitations. Now teams can customize workspace names during creation improving clarity and user control. Teams running large production environments with many ServiceNow-provisioned workspaces can now work within their organization’s naming conventions.This combined effort of customizing workspace names and the ability to tag represents a big step towards delivering more meaningful code and fewer tedious tasks.
  2. Reduced risk: Custom tagging helps admins to group and better manage ServiceNow-provisioned workspaces, eliminating confusion and improving clarity. And it gives users a more efficient way to search and filter workspaces based on those tags.

»Get started and try Terraform Cloud

Custom workspace naming and tagging are available today as generally available features. With these updates, the ServiceNow Terraform Catalog becomes even more useful to organizations with many ServiceNow-provisioned workspaces, helping to streamline processes and promote broader adoption. Learn more by reading the ServiceNow Service Catalog documentation. Install the app to your ServiceNow instance from the ServiceNow Store.

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