Nomad on AWS: Quick Start Guide

Continuing the momentum from the HashiCorp Vault and HashiCorp Consul Quick Start Guides (QSG) which have seen tremendous usage, we’ve partnered with the AWS team to build a QSG for HashiCorp Nomad.

Nomad is a distributed, highly available, datacenter-aware cluster manager and scheduler for the purpose of deploying applications across any infrastructure, at any scale. Nomad provides a common workflow to deploy any type of application including batch (big data type workloads), dispatch (elastic, short-lived workloads), and long running services. Developers use a declarative job specification to define how an application should be deployed and the resources it requires (CPU, memory, disk). Nomad accepts these jobs and finds available resources to run them. The Nomad million container benchmark provides a good validation of the scalability as well as providing best-practices templates for creating scalable deployments.

Getting Started

This Quick Start is for users looking to get jump-started deploying jobs leveraging a scheduler to efficiently run applications across AWS infrastructure. The QSG provisions all the necessary AWS infrastructure resources and provisions HashiCorp tools with just a couple of key clicks.

The AWS environment consists of a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) that spans three availability zones with public and private subnets. This QSG builds on the Consul guide for service discovery, with the addition of two Nomad servers.


To get started with Nomad on AWS, use the following resources:

View architecture and details:

Use the deployment guides for step-by-step deployment and configuration instructions:

The Quick Start Guide provides a Nomad deployment that can be used as-is, or customized to suite your deployment specific needs. Customization can be done by downloading and modifying the templates and scripts for the Quick Start.

For more information about Nomad refer to Nomad OSS or the Nomad Enterprise.

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