Recorded Webinar

ZTS 302: User Access Management with Boundary

Best practices for zero trust security: User access management with Boundary

In most large organizations, resources are spread across multiple environments and accessed by users around the world. But with leaked credentials and privilege misuse increasingly common causes of data breaches, organizations need a secure way to manage credentials and user access.

HashiCorp Boundary helps monitor, manage, and secure user access to your critical systems. Boundary integrates with Vault to manage credentials by automatically provisioning and injecting dynamic, short-lived credentials for passwordless access.

Watch this webinar to learn how Boundary has become the standard in access management and works with Vault to address your zero trust security needs with:

  • Fine-grained user access and session visibility
  • Secure access and data with trusted identity
  • Automated service discovery
  • Passwordless authentication

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Watch the recorded webinar

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