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ZTS 303: Service-based Networking Security with Consul - Americas & Europe

Best practices for zero trust security: Service-based networking security with Consul

The shift to cloud requires organizations to rethink how they tackle application and infrastructure issues like credential management, protecting in-transit data, and inconsistent security between applications.

HashiCorp Consul helps you securely discover and automate services across any runtime, using identity-based service networking to securely connect applications. It integrates with HashiCorp Vault to encrypt and authorize all application networking traffic.

Watch this webinar to learn how Consul has become the standard in network service-based security and works with Vault to address your zero trust security needs with:

  • Multi-platform service discovery
  • A global service mesh
  • An API gateway
  • Infrastructure automation
  • Health monitoring

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Watch the recorded webinar

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Patrick Presto
Patrick Presto

Emerging Product Specialist, HashiCorp