Case Study

A Keyboard Wall That Showcases Immutable Infrastructure as Code With Nomad

Aug 05, 2019

See how a hobby project turned into a clinic on modern infrastructure practices by deploying to a Raspberry Pi RGB-animated keyboard wall with Nomad, Packer, and Consul.


  • Johan Siebens

    Johan Siebens

    Release Engineer, ToThePoint Consulting

As part of a technology experiment—a giant wall of RGB-keyboards that can run various animations—the consultants at ToThePoint deployed a Nomad cluster on a bunch of Raspberry Pi’s to control this creation and showcase it at HashiConf EU.

They came to Nomad after noticing that their approach was error-prone and fragile by design. Their solution was to employ infrastructure as code and immutable infrastructure using Ansible, Consul, and Packer. They also needed an orchestrator, but they needed something other than Kubernetes. Something simple enough to be deployed with a single binary, but with a more diverse degree of workload support than just containers.

For their Raspberry Pi deployments, they landed on using Nomad. Hear from ToThePoint's release engineer, Johan Siebens how the project evolved from a hobby project into a clinic on modern infrastructure practices.

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