Build and Test GCP Infrastructure Using Terraform Modules

Looking for some real world examples of Terraform modules in action on GCP? Check out this HashiTalks presentation.

Cloud adoption across an organization is growing rapidly due to it’s benefit of elasticity and fully managed services. More and more organizations are migrating to cloud from on-premise systems, but building and managing cloud infrastructure in a reliable, efficient and repeatable fashion is a challenge.

Infrastructure as code (IaC) is a process to manage and provision cloud resources using code templates. The values IaC brings to the organizations are primarily cost reduction, speedy execution, secure & less error-prone systems.

Enter Terraform

Terraform is an open-source tool that helps to describe Infrastructure as code and it’s one of the most popular tools to build Cloud Infrastructure in a reliable and efficient way. Terraform has many providers available and can manage resources on different clouds like GCP, AWS, Azure, etc.

What You'll Learn

In this talk, Pradeep Bhadani will talk about the Terraform modules and how to use them to build infrastructure on Google Cloud Platform(GCP) and accelerate the cloud journey. Terraform modules allows teams to reuse code and build infrastructure faster across the organization. As a software practice, testing is a key component when releasing code and I will demonstrate how “inspec-gcp” can test Terraform modules and gain confidence.

Additional Resources

The GitHub repo for the Terraform Module for Google Cloud Storage (GCS).


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