Cloud Bursting Made Real with Nomad and Consul

Cloud bursting has gone through an era of great interest to lowered interest, but Nomad and Consul actually make some of the difficult aspects of the past go away.


One of the major challenges organizations face when building a private cloud architecture is determining just how much capacity they need to meet fluctuating demand. Cloud bursting offers an ideal solution to this problem. It is a dynamic application deployment model that allows workload to burst from on-premise to the public cloud whenever load spikes with no interruption of services. Erik Veld from HashiCorp will explain how Nomad and Consul together enable cloud bursting without configuration complexity.

Video Sections

0:00 — The History and Modern Relevance of Cloud Bursting

8:06 — Demo: Cloud Bursting with Nomad and Consul

29:11 — Next Steps

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