Demystifying the Terraform Enterprise API

Nov 11, 2019

Learn how to set up a GitOps continuous deployment environment with Terraform Enterprise and deploy infrastructure code directly via API.


  • Joern Stenkamp

    Joern Stenkamp

    Solutions Engineer, HashiCorp

Sometimes you can't use the Terraform Enterprise GUI to implement machine to machine interaction. That's where the API comes in.

In this webinar, HashiCorp solutions engineer Joern Stenkamp will run through an example of how to bootstrap a Terraform Enterprise workspace environment using the Terraform Enterprise (TFE) API to enable an "IaC code producer" that interacts with the Version Control System only. He'll also showcase a method for deploying infrastructure code directly via API without the VCS.

» Outline

0:00 — Terraform Enterprise from a workflwo perspective

5:11 — The 3 ways to perform a "run workflow"

10:00 — Business needs - Business process - Workflow

12:06 — API authentication

14:25 — Demo: 5 steps to setup a VCS-driven workflow - Setting up a GitOps continuous deployment environment

40:00 — Demo: 7 steps to deploy infrastructure as code directly via API (no VCS)

52:12 — Q&A

» Q&A

  • Does Terraform Cloud have the same capabilities we saw Terraform Enterprise use in this demo?
  • Is the Azure DevOps connector using the same API logic that is used during the demo?
  • Is it possible to use this API workflow with the Okta provider?

» Slides

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