Deploying a Multi-Cloud MMORPG with Terraform, Nomad, and Consul

Feb 27, 2020

See how a multi-cloud container orchestration platform and MMORPG workload can be deployed in 2 steps with Terraform.


  • Scott Winkler

    Scott Winkler

    Software engineer, Ellie Mae

Terraform makes deploying to the multi-cloud easy. Multi-cloud is popular because it enables high availability and reduces reliance on any one particular cloud vendor. Even if an entire cloud were to go down, you could rest easy knowing that your service will still be running and available to your customers.

» What You'll Learn

In this talk you'll see how to deploy a Nomad and Consul cluster on AWS and Azure and then federate them together with Terraform. This platform will be used to run arbitrary multi-cloud workloads (such as an MMORPG application) using a 2-stage deployment technique. Afterwards, this solution will be compared to another solution that uses managed services to accomplish the same thing. This emphasizes that it’s not wholly necessary to have a fancy container orchestration platform to start realizing the value of the multi-cloud.

  • Multi-Cloud Design Patterns and Considerations
  • Deploying Nomad and Consul clusters with Terraform
  • Federating multi-region/multi-cloud clusters together
  • 2-stage Terraform Deployments for Infrastructure + Application

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