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HashiCorp Nomad Explained via Minecraft

See the simplicity of HashiCorp Nomad demonstrated in the world of Minecraft.

Maybe you’ve been hearing a lot of chatter about how simple it is to run HashiCorp Nomad and schedule things with it. Here’s an example you probably weren’t expecting...

This demo session is possibly the best yet at illustrating how simple it can be to schedule many different workloads (not just containers!) with Nomad—and it does it with a combination of coding footage and a visualization of the Nomad cluster and tasks inside a game many of us know and love: Minecraft!

After deploying the Minecraft servers (which you can download from Erik Veld’s GitHub repo to try out yourself), Erik starts deploying new, diverse workloads in-game with Minecraft blocks representing the tasks. You’ll also get to see a Nomad task driver to schedule minecarts. After a few more examples, the demo ends with a bang when Nic Jackson joins the server for a little mischief.

»Diverse Workload Orchestration

The takeaway of this talk is that you don’t have to containerize everything to get the benefits of scheduling (bin packing, simple workflow). Workloads that you might be running using things like systemd, scripts, or a provisioner can be scheduled in Nomad. This demo shows how it can be done in one single, unified workflow.

»Extra Resource

Learning Nomad - Scheduling Minecraft, a Java Runtime 

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